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Boston based photography studio helping corporate types and creatives build trust so they can pursue their dreams.

I ended up with some beautiful pictures so I was happy he was there to help me and guide me in different poses... Kevin also listens to your opinion, so you never have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with!
— Meliena
Creative Boston Headshot

A Professional Headshot Photographer

Being photographed is intimidating. To show your best, you need to be able to trust your photographer. I'm here to help you to relax and to have fun through the whole headshot process. Step by step, we'll work through how to get the best natural and confident looking image of you to share to those that matter - your clients, your casting agents, or your Linked-In network.

Business + Corporate Headshots

Our clients come to us from corporations, as entrepreneurs, as lawyers, realtors. We help them individually and their teams to stand out from their competitors.

Actors + Creative Headshots

100 milliseconds. That’s how fast a casting director spends. Personality. Expressions. That’s what you want to show in your photographs. And together, we’ll work towards defining your type.

Greater Boston Creative Headshot

Very Comfortable

"He is a great photographer. I'm very satisfied with my photos. I loved it all. He is very patient, attentive and funny. He leads you to capture the best picture of yourself and he shows you the pictures on his computer for you to see if you like them or not. He makes you feel very comfortable in front of the camera. I really recommend."

A Local Photographer Near You

My home studio is located 15 minutes from Downtown Boston, about halfway between the North Shore and Cambridge. The studio is located at 30 Franklin Street, Malden Massachusetts. There is private parking on location

Boston Professional Headshots

Relaxed + Confident

"I was not only able to get some absolutely amazing headshots but also his way of leading you of how to pose or stand (which I seriously don’t know nothing about) and the comfortable atmosphere he transmits during this process made me feel relaxed and confident about myself."