Kevin Thai: Founder, owner, and lead photographer of Three Circles Studio

Kevin Thai: Founder, owner, and lead photographer of Three Circles Studio

Located in Greater Boston, Three Circles Studio was founded to create headshots and portraits that help to expand and strengthen every professional's and creative's circles of influence, whether among friends, at work, or forging new networking relationships. 

For the last dozen years, I have passionately taught, mentored, and prepared students for university from over 50 countries. The success of all of my students has always been the #1 factor driving me in my creative career. I founded Three Circles Studio in 2018 because I want to continue to help develop success in people like you. 


Boston’s Headshot Photographer

Mission Statement

Three Circles Studio approaches each client with admiration as the most important individual in their field, and then works to share their unique qualities to others important to them. 

Simple and powerful

We believe in creating simple yet powerful portraits that gets our clients noticed across all their circles of influence, whether in print or digital. Every face is unique, and so every image expresses the specializes of each person that would empower them to do more.

Professional and Genuine Experience

We believe in portraying our clients as a leaders in their industry through subtle expressions of confidence, intelligence, approachability. We do this by easing everyone in every sessions into the expressions that they want their clients, patients, or colleagues to see. 

Exceeding Expectations

We believe in every experience ending with the best portrait our clients have ever seen, at the highest level of skill of our studio.